ET in Australia

Equine Touch in Australia

While the Equine Touch was not introduced into Australia until January 2004, Jock Ruddock, the pioneer of Equine Touch has himself a long and colourful association with Australia that stretches back four decades.


In 1964 Jock transferred from London’s Metropolitan Police to the New Zealand Police Department and then as a part time professional wrestler made his debut at the Sydney Stadium  in 1966.  As the Australasian Jnr. Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Jock made regular weekend trips across the Tasman for World Championship Wrestling appearing on Channel 9 alongside such names as Killer Kowalski, Skull Murphy, and Larry O’Dea returning to New Zealand on the late Sunday night flights to start work on the Monday morning.


With the demise of stadium wrestling in Australia and New Zealand, Jock turned to the world of entertainment, working as an artist’s manager and agent, record producer and moved to Australia in 1981 where he continued his wrestling career on the NSW club circuit as a side line while working as the entertainment director of Marrickville RSL.  With his son John being born in Sydney and attaining Australian residency in1986 he celebrated by writing the song ‘Australia for Me’ which became a winner on TV’s  ‘New Faces’ and later a big hit for Jade Hurley. Always the educator he taught cabaret at the Australian College of Entertainment as well as as well as teaching privately such international stars as Natalie Umbruglia. During this time he also sat on the executive board of the ‘MO Awards’ the respected group responsible for the selection of the Australian Entertainer of the Year.

In 1991 he moved to Hawaii working as a show producer and song writer producing shows in the The Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the Dole Ballroom.  As he reflects on this part of his life, he jokingly states he is probably the only Scot ever to teach a Hawaiian dancer how to hula.


In 1993 Jock retired from the ring and showbusiness and turned to complementary health, qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist and eclectic bodyworker before renewing his Australian connection by adding Bowen to his body worker’s tool box alongside Dynamik Ki, Asagai, Hyperton-X, Kinesiology, Lomi Lomi, Berry, Aikido and the skeletal manipulations he had learned in the wrestling rings. The rest is history, in 1996 he started to develop and teach VHT and in 1997 in a stable in Scotland he began to transfer his VHT work on to the Equine.


In January 2004 as a result of seeing the results of the Equine Touch on her horses at the PNH headquarters in Colorado, Linda Parelli, also a Scot with a strong Australian connection invited Jock and Ivana to teach ET to PNH students at their Australian headquarters near Wollongong, NSW.


In June 2007 seven Australian instructors were appointed to teach Level 1 and Level 2 freeing Jock and Ivana up to train practitioners on Level 3 and take them to even greater heights of equine bodywork on Level 4, Equine Touch and Beyond.


Equine Touch is now available all year round throughout this big brown country, to support horse owner, competitors or equine practitoners.